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Rolls Royce is a Roshan Prince’s New Song Releasing today on 12-Sept-2018, After the hard success from his last Movie¬†Arjun He Boomed up with Top of the week Song, Rolls Royce Song Download, Rols Roice Song Download Roshan Prince New Song Rolls Royce.

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Song - Rolls Royce
ProducerParma Music
VideoWizkid Films
PromtionsG.K Digital
SearchesRolce Roys, Rolls Roys, Rolls Royce Roshan Prince
TagsRoshan Prince New Song, Rauls Royce Roshan Prince
Rolls Royce Mp3 Download Djpunjab - Mrjatt

Rolls Royce mai leduga,

Tu Meri Hoja Ni.

Tu Ik vari meri hoja ni (x2)

Mundea nu billo ni tu,

Tedha Tedha Takdi

Fer v Tu akh kato,

Sade utte Rakhdi.

Rolls Royce Leduga,

Tu Meri Hoja Ni.


I'll Buy You a Rolls Royce Roshan Prince.

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